Rucka Rucka Ali – Emo Like A Nazi Lyrics


Emo Like A Nazi Lyrics

When I was a kid I wished Grandpa would get off me
At least just f**k more softly
Now my mom gets my clothes for me at Hot Topic
I dress like a Nazi
I’m pissed all the time
I can’t wait to see where the wild things are
I say words like discombobulated, meloncholy
I look like a Nazi


I am emo
I dress in girls clothes
When I’m dancing at shows
I look like a four old year throwing a tantrum
Re-attach my testicals

I’m into scene
I play bass in my band
I like cutting my wrists
I weigh 91 pounds
It’s okay to cry
Most emo’s kiss other guys
Cause emo chicks are fat


(Crying) I farted, I farted

I’m so scene
I don’t care what you think
I’m better than you
You guys are mean
Craig Owens don’t leave (Please?)
Seriously, I still cry to your first CD
I wish Craig Owens would rape me
But I’m not thirteen and a little white girl
No one loves me in the whole wide world
I was emo when you were listening to spice girls
And everyone would laugh at me
So I cut myself and got HIV
But now thats a cool to be a emo faggot
I have an advantage I speak Spanish

I crash land on your matress
Do a backflip on a pile of ashes
I knock you out with a trash lid
My fist, yo ass, about to have a blast kid


Do you have any idea what its like being me?
I am just one man, with two balls, and a weiner
You ever wonder why I wear these pants so tight?
My Grandmother told me one time
She said “Rucka, what’s the point of having balls if
nobody sees em’?”
I’m da best!


(Crying) I never get any friend requests
Everytime I sneeze I poop a little

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